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Since 2007



Skimstone microfinish overlay-the whole system from basecoat to sealer is only about the thickness of a credit card.

Concrete overlays are a thin layer of a cement based finish,usually fortified with additives that give it extra strength,color and adhesion. Concrete overlays come in all textures,shapes and sizes,depending on the desired look you are trying to achieve.

They are generally applied over prepared concrete at the thickness of 1" or less.Concrete overlays are typically engineered and manufactured for a specific use such as interior or exterior use,high traffic use, decorative or non decorative use and so on.

 We do sometimes make our own formulations and mixes,such as when we make terrazzo or when doing floor repairs,but generally these products come from specialty manufacturing companies. Here are some of the different types:

-Self leveling polishable concrete

(very smooth and flat,)

-Self leveling non polishable concrete

(can be stained and sealed)


(stamped or textured concrete)


(very thin and pretty smooth)

-Trowel finished

(can be stained and sealed,medium to heavy textured finish)

-Knockdown or Splatter

(good for exterior)

-Exposed shell,rock and stone(aggregate)

-Terrazzo:Cement/Epoxy types(glass,rock,shell,metal)

:These can all applied to interior or exterior surfaces but may not be the right fit for certain uses,we will recommend the best fit for your needs.