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Polished Concrete What is it? Basically, polished concrete is concrete that has been processed with a combination of diamond tooling and chemical treatments to harden and help close the pores of the concrete slab. Concrete polishing is our most popular floor treatment because of its beauty, its cost effective lifespan and its eco-friendly process. 

Dyed and polished concrete-Sarasota

The concrete slab your home or office is built on is the best candidate for polishing if it is hard and flat enough to process into a polished floor. First,the top of the slab is taken off with aggressive grinding to reveal the quartz sand and light aggregates that accept the polishing process. Then progressive diamond grits of various types are run across the floor to remove scratches left from the previous steps. At the appropriate time in the process, a densifier is applied to chemically harden and seal pores in the concrete that help the floor hold a shine longer as well as prevent stain and moisture damage.

Terrazzo meets concrete in this 3/8

Polished Concrete is colored with the use of dyes which soak into the floor instead of sitting on top. There are no problems with coating delamination or chipping on polished concrete since there are no topical coatings or clear sealers.

Polished concrete-800 grit polish with color added

               Often people remove carpet, tile or other flooring to reveal the concrete floor beneath. Carpet glues,mastics,tile thinset and other coatings can be easily removed by dry or wet grinding as part of the polishing process. If there are pre-existing conditions such as stains,holes or cracks,these can be treated to diminish their prominence but cannot always be totally eliminated. 

polished concrete

Polished concrete overlay w/integral color-venice

Dyed and polished concrete-sarasota

Polished concrete-There used to be wood and glue all over this floor.

 Call us today and see if your floor is a good candidate for polished concrete. If not we can recommend another concrete floor system that will best fit your needs. We have polishable overlay systems available as well as terrazzo that can be applied at 3/8" thickness over your existing concrete or terrazzo floors! One thing that is sure though, if Weird Science Concrete is on the job, your concrete floor will reach its full potential !