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Since 2007



Restored 50 year old terrazzo-venice

Terrazzo has been around for centuries.However here in Florida it has only been around the last hundred years approximately. Many terrazzo floors here in Sarasota were installed during the 40's,50's and 60's eras. Many of them are in need of restoration but are by no means ready to be thrown away.

The main ingredient in terrazzo is the aggregate.This can consist of marble,glass,shell,granite and other types of stone.There are two main types of terrazzo:Cement terrazzo and Epoxyterrazzo.Cement terrazzo is the older,more traditional type that is commonly seen here in Florida whereas epoxy terrazzo allows for faster production,greater color selection and better resistance to stains.

Rotary terrazzo grinder-commonly used to install and finish terrazzo floors

 Cement terrazzo was a common choice of flooring in the 1950's and 1960''s and is now making a comeback as many people are pulling up old carpet ,tile and vinyl finding terrazzo underneath. The machine pictured to the left is similar to the machines that first ground and honed these old terrazzo floors here in Florida. They are known as rotary grinders.The machines we commonly use now to restore terrazzo are planetary grinders,the difference being the way the tooling underneath the machine turns.The tooling is all diamond based tooling that is set into different types of metal,resin,ceramic material or combinations of these. The diamond finish on terrazzo floors allows them to have a mechanical polish,a shine that was never had before. That's because older terrazzo floors were finished until smooth but not shiny and then a topical sealer was applied. Whereas now the floor will shine from a diamond polished finish and not a glossy sealer.The floor is still stain resistant however because a penetrating sealer can be applied that will soak into the floor or if the floor is crystallized(a hardening and sealing process),this will give the floor stain repellent qualities.

We have been doing terrazzo restoration for three years and hope to make your terrazzo our next addition to the portfolio. Why choose us?

We cover the walls with plastic. We clean up after ourselves.We dont cut corners.We take each job personal as if it were our own home. The guy who gives you an estimate is an actual emloyee who works on each job,not just some sweet talking salesman who promises the world. We present realistic expectations to our clients so they REALLY know what to expect.Choose us and know at the end that you made the right choice with Weird Science Concrete.

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